Its Reigning, Its warring (Fall 2016)

Welcome to the Deserts of the Inner Sea

Bring sunscreen

Welcome to my little Homebrew Campaign!
This is my first time as a Game Master for an extended period and also my first campaign, but I truly do not think you will be disapointed. To help you to succeed in this campaign I would like to provide you with some information that can guide character creation as well as give you some access to resources that can guide your decisions.

To start, I have sent out an email to you all with a google form to fill out. It will just help me steer the writing of the campaign. I have already written the cast, and understand the LG_Genies_Marid_timkingslynne_web.jpg world, now it comes down to mechanical implementation as well as plotting a general course. Your input is crucial and WILL affect the campaign. if you lost the link it can be accessed here.

The flavor of this campaign will be a little more high minded, players will have an impact on an entire region’s political station and by the end of the campaign will have carried a nation through one of the most important events in its history. ]The campaign will be mid to high level, and challenging. The campaign has a few different areas of focus, all of which surround political intrigue — either on a societal, national, or planar level. The campaign will be mostly urban, with quests which take players out into the deserts and on the sea. Players can expect to interact most with pirates, high-nobles, Soldiers, Mages, genie and slaves. Think Game of Thrones meets Alibaba’s 40 Thieves after they had a drink with extraplanar entities and you’ll have the right idea.

Locale: Qadira 250px-Qadira_symbol.jpg
This campaign will be in the far east of the inner sea (which in the world of Glorion is meant to simulate north africa, the middle east, and southernmost europe). The particular nation which we will be spending the majority of our time is in the politically unique Qadira. Because this campaign is basically set in Pakistan and Iraq (post crusades, pre-modernity) the attitudes of the middle east, particularly the stereotypical fantasy version of the middle east, will follow. That will make this campaign very insular. It is the strong suggestion of this GM that players be from one of the following nations listed in order of GM reccomendation:

  • Qadira (most strongly recommended)
  • Galt
  • Jalmeray
  • Katapesh
  • Andoran
  • Taldor (THIS IS A BAD IDEA, but possible)

if you would like to be from a different part of the world contact me directly by text.

Class and Race Limitations:
To smooth out play and make the world more cohesive I intend to place limits on the types of allowable classes and races. As it stands Human is the preferred race for this campaign but I will allow 2 other humanoid races and 1 nonhuman race based on your input. Geniekin are allowed in so far as they can be passably one of the other races, and should exist in disguise as one of the other races (for your protection as this is an area that enslaves genies). All players will be granted the ability to speak Kaleshi with no loss of skill points.

LG_Genies_Efreeti_timkingslynne_web.jpg As far as class goes I will wait for the surveys to come in and pick about 5 or 6 classes that are in this campaign and post it here. Once that is decided I will also post some suggested character roles. This seems limiting, however it comes with the promise that all of your enemies who are not monsters will be of those classes and have those abilities. This will give you all a good opportunity to enjoy knowledge of their weaknesses and strengths. NPC who were not intended for battle will have NPC classes.

I am currently leaning toward the following:

  • Magus- Magi have always been a part of the middle eastern lore.
  • Inquisitor- Strong religious ties to Sarenae make this a good pick, divine spells are nice.
  • Ranger/Slayer- Specializing in dessert or urban terrain could save a party!
  • Caviler/Fighter- Mounted combat will exist in the plains of Qadira and has a long history to the people there.
  • Rouge/Investigator- Would we be complete in an intrigue campaign without them?
  • Your favorite class here- don’t see what you wanted to play? Fill out the google form and if it fits it’ll be in this spot. If it doesn’t I’ll contact you and we will see what we can do. I don’t want to limit you. :)

Because this is a mid to high level campaign I would like to encourage players to look into prestige classes. Any and all possible (within class/race limitations) prestige classes that can be found in the source material will be available for use. Certain early in the game quests will allow players the opportunity to take a prestige class (such as as a Divrat, or an Inner Sea Pirate). I would personally love to see a party of players all playing prestige classes as it is an underutilized mechanic in prior campaigns.

Source Materials:
This is an inner sea campaign. The source materials will be:

  • Core: Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic/Combat/Equipment/Campaign/Intrigue, Advanced Race Guide, Advanced Class Guide,
  • Official Inner Sea Guides: Inner Sea Primer, Inner Sea World Guide, Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Magic/Combat, Inner Sea Intrigue, Pirates of the inner sea, Knights of the Inner Sea, People of the Sands
  • Nation Specific Guides: Taldor Echoes of Glory, Qadira Gateway to the East, Andoran Spirit of Liberty
  • Supplements: Faiths & Philosophies, Paths of Prestige

LG_Genies_Shaitan_timkingslynne_web.jpgIf you have something that you need, or really really wanted to try, let me know and I can review it to see if it is compatible.
Access to all of these resources will be freely available at the following Dropbox link I have created.

I would personally recommend skimming the Qadira specific guide, as well as thumbing through the exhaustive information available in the Inner Sea World Guide. If you are from a different nation I would read those sections of the inner sea world guide as well as the guide for that specific nation (NPC will have certain expectations of people from those places). I would also reccomend perusing the Ultimate intrigue guide (vigilantes will not be allowed sorry) because it will include some important new mechanics. More details in the next blog post.

There will be a weekly post to go with the weekly meetings. Hope we can all enjoy playing together! If anything in here so far is not to your liking, or you don’t think you can commit to missing less than 3 total weeks, let me know right away and we will work something out.



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